Tuesday, April 7, 2009

"The Courage To Change The Things I Can"

I need a change.

My life feels very "meh" right now and I need to change that. Right now, I'm sitting at my work desk and I'm jittery. Well, maybe not jittery. I'm restless. I have a decently sized to-do list and I don't want to do any of it. I have jimmy leg like it's no one's business (meaning, my leg is just bouncing up and down). I need to get out of Missouri for a bit, need a real vacation and not just a weekend in St. Louis or a weekend in Kansas City. I need to get out of the Midwest and not think about...anything, really. Somewhere where I can just relax, clear my head and let Calgon take me away (or the sun, the beach, the ocean, Jose Cuervo...insert your own salvation).

Right now, if I could be anywhere but here? I would be in Fiji. Or someplace equally tropical and warm, but maybe a bit more remote. Some place with white sand and blue water. Sun. I would have a pitcher of margaritas sitting next to me (the low-carb kind Todd Smith was talking about on Sunday), music from my iPod in my ears and not a care in the world except whether or not I was tanning evenly. And after being finished on the beach, I'd have dinner (fish of some kind, with a lot of citrus garnish) then hop in my hammock with a good book (or a good man) and read until a thunderstorm rolled in. And then I'd watch the lightning and let the thunder lull me to sleep.

So, a change is in order, but to what order? Like sands through the hourglass, so are the dilemmas of our lives.

Or something. I never claimed to be deep.


  1. I always say I want to be in Fiji. Believe me your troubles follow you wherever you go!